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Description of Marathi Crossword : Shabd Kode


एकाच खेळात 4 खेळ. प्रत्येक खेळाच्या शेकडो लेव्हल्स. प्रत्येक खेळ दोन भाषेत. (मराठी, इंग्रजी)
शब्द कोडे, शब्द शोध, वाक्य जोड,२ चित्र १ शब्द

मराठी बंधूंसाठी भाषेच्या खेळाचा खजिना.
*** Added new game - TWO PIC ONE WORD in English language (Marathi soon) (Sept 2018)
*** Added new game - Sentence Master वाक्य जोड in Marathi Hindi English (July 2018)
*** Added new game - Marathi Word Search, English Word Search (July 2018) ***
*** Added English Crossword now (June 2018) ***

मराठी भाषेचा मोबाईलसाठी पहिला शब्दकोडे खेळ!

## नविन फिचर - रोज एक नवी लेव्हल, बरोबर सकाळी ९ वाजता ##
फीचर्स -
१. 1170 लेव्हल्स
२. तुमचे कोणते मित्र कोणती लेव्हल खेळत आहे हे पाहू शकतात
३. हिंट सिस्टीम
मराठी सुधारा, सोबत इंग्लिश व हिन्दी सुद्धा.
तुम्हाला हा गेम आवडेल हा दावाच नाही तर वादा!

Now with a brand new feature - DAILY NEW LEVEL EXACTLY AT 9 AM.

This is the world's first ever Marathi Crossword game for android devices.
WordMama is the working title for the game.

*** Over 200,000 Marathi users ***


You are given different letters/parts of Marathi words scattered around. Drag them & join them in such a manner that they form the intended word.
Hints are provided so that you know what word it is.

There is more. The game is social. You can find out which of your facebook friend is playing which level. All you have to do is connect the game to facebook.

After completing each level, you get certain coins. Trade them to unlock hints. If you don't know any marathi word, you can use hint. You can also share the marathi crossword to your friends on whatsapp or email and ask them for help.

Each person gets one referral code. Share your code with others, ask them to use your code in their games and both the users will receive 100 coins.


- 1000 challenging Marathi Shabda Kodi
- Hints given for all words on one click
- Zoom in/ zoom out effects
- Various attractive backgrounds for levels
- Cool animation effects
- Daily new level exactly at 9am.
- Timer allows you to check how much time it took you to solve each level

If you like to solve Marathi Shabd Kode, you'll like this game.

If you can create any levels and wish them to be added in the game, you can mail us at manas.gajare@zabuzalabs.com

Version history Marathi Crossword : Shabd Kode
New in Word Mama 6.23
- Added 2 packs in Marathi Word trip.
- Added 2 packs in Marathi Sentence Master.
- Changed marathi crossword meaning logic. (solved word's meaning will be shown in yellow color)
New in Word Mama 6.20
Have added Hints to your account in exchange of coins. Coins are dead.
New in Word Mama 6.1
1. Changed complete look & feel of the game
2. Removed Word search old levels
3. Added New packs in marathi & english word search (English - 3 theme & 1 easy paid, Marathi - 2 theme & 1 easy paid)
4. Added Marathi TPOW with 1 classic
5. Added Hindi Crossword with 1 classic
6. Added 1 medium & 1 hard paid pack in marathi crossword
New in Word Mama 6.0
Fixed inapp purchase issue
New in Word Mama 5.7
1. Added New pack for TWO PIC ONE WORD game
2. Fixed a bug in English Crossword game
New in Word Mama 5.6
1. Added two more hint options to the new game - Two Pic One Word.
2. Optimized code so that it takes less space on disk once installed.
New in Word Mama 5.5
1. Added new game - Two Pic One Word.
Two Pic One Word currently supports English language only. We'll add Marathi support very soon.
2. Changed button click sounds.
New in Word Mama 5.4
1. Added THREE DAILY levels instead of one.
2. A surprise that will be unlocked in a few days. Hint - Ganpati.
New in Word Mama 5.3
- Unlocked Sentence Master (English) Hard pack.
- Added hint feature in Sentence master
- Added Hindi language in word search.
- Added 2 THEME PACKS in Marathi Word Search. Removed Classic packs.
- Added 'what's new' button on home page of Crossword game.
New in Word Mama 5.2
1. Added new game - Sentence Master in three languages(English, Hindi, Marathi)
2. Added English language support to Word Search game. (New game - English Word Search)
3. Added new type of levels CLASSIC PACKS in Marathi Word Search.
4. Added 4 packs in THEME PACK in Marathi Word Search
5. Minor fixes.
New in Word Mama 5.0
A lot of changes
1. Added two more packs for English Crossword
2. Added new game - Marathi Word Search
3. Added support for rewarded video ads (watch ads to get coins)
4. UI change
New in Word Mama 4.9
1. Added new game - English Crossword
New in Word Mama 4.7
The last two updates had a bug that caused some devices to hang after completion of a few levels. Fixed that bug.
New in Word Mama 4.3
1. Added 4 more packs of 30 levels each.
2. Get Free Coins by rating and reviewing the app
3. Removed ads completely.
4. Added times functionality - now you can check how much time you took to solve a crossword
New in Word Mama 4.2
Added extra levels
New in Word Mama 4.0.0
Added February Levels.
New in Word Mama 3.9.0
Added January levels.
New in Word Mama 3.8.1
Solved the issue of August levels. Apologies for the delayed fix. You should be able to play August onwards daily levels after this update.
New in Word Mama 3.8.0
Added July to December levels.
New in Word Mama 3.7.0
v3.7Opened February Pack.v3.6Fixed the bug in January pack. Added more levels.v3.5Added Jan Feb March 2017 Levels.v3.4.Enabled November & December levels.v3.3Added Pack 9 & 10, Added October month pack. Added daily levels for November.v3.2.0, 3.1.1, 3.1Added more levels.v3.0Added daily levelsChanged the interfacev2.1.4Added July levelsv2.1.3Bug fixes.v2.1.2Improved user interface. Optimized the app.v2.1.1Updated daily new levels.
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